We tell stories in a thousand ways.

Gabardin creates, animates and produces everything from interviews to large live broadcasting productions, always with the highest ambition, the fastest feet and the brightest minds. Our ever growing team of animators, directors, producers, project managers and creatives really is a dream-team of story loving motion nerds.

Gabardin was born in early 2020 (yes, we know) at the office of Oh My. For years Oh My have successfully produced animations, commercials and documentaries for its clients. But as the list of jobs never stopped growing we felt the urge to create something different that could focus all the expertise gathered through the years.

Our network

Gabardin is a part of agency network People People People, which consists of full service agency Oh My, content distribution agency Trickle, strategy agency TDWT and content agency Spoon among a few others.

What sets us apart from ordinary production companies is that we work seamlessly together with our brothers and sisters over at People People People, constantly joining forces wherever we need.

Wondering how to distribute that amazing commercial we just made? Trickle will help you. Need a website or a new visual identity to go with your campaign-film? We’ll hook you up with Oh My!

Why Gabardin

If you ever have worn a pair of gabardine-pants you know what we are talking about.

The fabric gabardine was invented in England during the late 1800s. Famous for its outstanding durability yet stylish looks many great people preferred gabardine as their main choice of fabric. Among others Roald Amundsen, the first human to ever reach the South Pole. Or whatever.

Is there something that we won’t do?

The short answer is no. We take pride in almost always saying yes to every request we get. Ask and thou shall receive!