Live production


Art Direction


Hotel Market Day 2020

Every year since 1996, Pandox arranges and hosts Hotel Market Day, the go-to event for the international hospitality industry. This year’s theme was “New trends in a changing hotel world”, which was explored with the help of prominent speakers and industry experts from many parts of the world.


Of course, due to Covid-19, the actual physical event was impossible this year, and Gabardin was charged with the responsibility to produce a live broadcast to equal the normal event in depth, professionalism and impact.

A full service solution

We produced this virtual event from start to finish, including everything from graphics and pre-recorded segments, to directing the live broadcast and facilitating speakers and technical personnel. The live event on November 17th had registered participants from more than 30 countries around the world.During a few busy hours, we enabled Pandox to explore various aspects of the Covid-19 crisis and discusse new trends in the hotel market, as well as shifts in business models in the hotel world.


Watch the live event here