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Post production

The mission

The mission was to create a campaign that strengthens the brand image and position as “the innovation driven university”, as well as increases the sense of pride in staff and students. The campaign needed to really breathe Halmstad University, to make it authentic and relatable for both prospective and current students. That’s why we filmed it on and around campus, with real students in real environments.


The film was nominated and won Publishingpriset in the category “films that market companies and organisations”, with the motivation – “for excellent tempo, beautiful edits and well-done scenography “.

Match out



The film uses a technique called “match-cut” and involves using a movement or shape that creates a smoother transition between different clips. This technique was chosen to symbolize how different perspectives meet by illustratively showing that there are common denominators (in the film illustrated by a round shape) in several different subject areas.
In the film, a voice-over describes how an idea comes about, by meeting different perspectives and that it is important to challenge each other and their own perspective to move forward.
The goal is that at the end of the film, the viewer should feel that there is only one answer to how a new innovative idea comes about – namely that different perspectives meet.


The campaign film would convey the message of combinatorial innovation and establish Halmstad University as an innovative university in an inspiring and powerful way.



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Image description